WEEKEND!!! No work 😊. I’m not gonna lie, I originally had 0 plans today, so I woke up late. No safrina = no breakfast. I washed my hair and took a long shower. Then I FaceTimed friends from home and decided to email a friend I met last weekend here in Rwanda, Francoise. I liken her to a promoter back home. She’s someone who knows everything and everyone. I very much wanted to get some African dresses for friends and family at home. So she met up with me and we went to the market to choose some material and then to the tailor to choose some styles of dresses and clothing. I got 5 items made for 70 bucks! Totally worth it, can’t wait to see how they come out! After we were getting ready to leave the market, I got reprimanded by her for wearing shorts. Apparently I was not conservative enough- OOPS. I wore a sweater for goodness sakes, it’s like 85 degrees out! Whatever.

Her driver, Alphonse, is so much better than Aimable. For one, his English is impeccable. Secondly, and most importantly, he doesn’t over charge me!! Aimable is like paying for an uber in a 3rd world country. Alphonse is like paying for a taxi in a 3rd world country – dirt cheap. On the way home- I was famished. I hadn’t eaten all day so I asked him to drop me off at the best restaurant in Kagali. He took me to Repub Lounge. It was this roof top bar over looking all of Rwanda. I invited Magnifique who came later but while waiting I made 2 American friends. Jakob and Ethan, while simultaneously drinking way too much Rwandan wine- called urawagwa- my waitress told me it would be too strong for me but she must not know how often I go to happy hour. Rwandan wine has nothing on me!!! In any case- Jakob recently graduated high school and is joining the navy (congrats!) Ethan- proud dad- gifted his son a voyage around the world. This was the first leg of their trip and they just landed in Rwanda on the way to Kenya and Uganda. They stopped here for dinner after landing and we had a great conversation and great laughs. It was nice seeing other Americans. To mindlessly joke about politics or laugh about nothing at all. I wish them the best on their journey and hope they have the trip of a lifetime!! Also- please check out peep, their traveling companion who has a Instagram page (which I already forgot the name) documenting all his travels!

Anyway, more exploring tomorrow!