So, after we parted ways yesterday, Magnifique invited me out for a late dinner on a rooftop bar, Ubumwe grande. I had already slept for 4 hrs (still jet lagged) and even though it was about 10 pm at this point, what the heck, I’m always down to hang for a bit! I was also starving, there were no matches for me to use the stove to heat up the left overs from Safrinas, home cooked meal the prior day. It wasn’t far from my house, he recommended I walk or take a moto but that made me a little uneasy. Jean, the French only speaking security guard recommended I call Aimable (taxi driver). The only way I can really communicate here is WhatsApp and he was offline! In any case, after much effort I found a ride to the establishment. To my dismay- Magnifique was no longer responding to messages, I was already on my way! To make a long story short- I got stood up! FOR SHAME. This morning I woke up to perfuse apologies. Apparently he fell asleep (he worked the night prior and was up all day). I forgave him and got invited to church for all my trouble.

The church was called the Christian life assembly. As much as I tried to make excuses not to go- I was dragged via moto to the 12 pm service in the same blue dress I wore the day prior with some red lipstick. Yes- I took a moto (don’t tell my mom!!!). Safrina gave me a look of disbelief as Magnifique rolled up with 2 motos. She gave me a hug and told me she was praying for me. NOT HELPFUL. I was already so nervous to get on one. I must say it was exhilarating. We made it to church (and I’m still alive to tell the story)! It was a great service and very much reminded me of my home church growing up. Except with a ton of African garb. It was all in English and at the end of the day, I was very happy I went . I got a lot of closure on things I had been struggling with personally and professionally these last few weeks.

Of course by the time we step outside its monsooning. Definitely not taking a moto back! Magnifique called his best friend and her fiancé since they also attend this church and had a car. Sylvia and Robert. Sylvia is a resident aspiring to be a neurosurgeon and Robert is a General surgery attending. They met when she was a Med student and he was a resident. They’re cute. We all went out for lunch and since everyone got burgers I ordered the same. Robert asked me if my burger was as good as in the US. I assured him it was not but if he ever comes to NY I’ll treat him to a real burger. He laughed.

On the way home, the car started acting up so magnifique ended up walking me home. He offered to get me a moto back, but I think 1 near death experience a day is more than enough. We talked about our families, residency programs, and life. I’m sad he is rotating at a different hospital, would’ve been nice to see a familiar face on my first day tomorrow!! Of course, I walk into a 7 course meal Safrina left out for me. Ugh I was still so full from my burger. I placed it all in the fridge to warm up for dinner tomorrow. She has an exam tomorrow so she won’t be here, phew I have some time to make it all disappear before she returns!

Oh well, wish me luck tomorrow ~