BOO! Hehe JUST KIDDING. But seriously, I’M BACKKKKKKK. You’re favorite journalist-physician is coming back to you with a new book in this global health saga. Tomorrow I leave for a 3 week trip to Kigali, Rwanda where I will be working and predominantly developing a curriculum for future residents from Stony Brook. I really should be packing since my 24 hour flight leaves in less than 12 hours, but, what the hell.


Sorry for the Haiti doman, it costs 22 dollars to change it and it’s not that big of a deal! This time, I am much less prepared than when I went to Haiti, AND I have never been to Africa. No 300 dollar shots this time, or 3 suitcases worth of crap that I left behind for those who needed it way more than I did. Just a few dress pants, scrubs, pajamas, shower shoes, and mosquito repellant. The essentials ~ (plus enough snacks for a small army). I am so excited and everyone at CHUK seems so incredibly kind and accomadating. Rwanda is a country with a lot of history and scars that are still healing. I can’t wait to care for these women and I am so lucky to have this opportunity.

Will keep you all posted on how I survive navigating the country tomorrow after I land and making it to the hospital. I am sure it will be interesting.