Sorry, Yeesh in Haiti team, I know I’ve been MIA for the last few days, I have been a little distracted, will possibly discuss more at a later date. In any case, I had a fantastic weekend and came back to work this morning. Yesterday, I hung around the house with my favorite 11 year olds who for the billionth time brought me some mangoes they picked for me off the mango tree in the yard. For the last week or so the water pump at the house has been broken, from what I understand, the water pump is an apparatus to pump water throughout the house for bathing, toileting, etc I have therefore been bathing from a bucket of water that gets brought up to my room every night. This is all fine and well, I can deal with only washing the essentials but it gets tough when the toilets cannot flush and you cannot wash your hands! I have gone through 3 bottles of hand sanitizer already. In any case, I pride myself on being very easy going and have just been doing as the romans. I have been being very careful with what I eat and drink so as to not get sick but I slipped up. Thomas brought me FIVE MANGOES that he picked for me yesterday and brought it for me to indulge in a big bowl of water. I did not even think to ask where he found this scarce resource and instead pigged out on my mangos inadvertenty drinking some of the water. Well now as one would expect I have gotten some sort of GI bug (hence the title of this post). Nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. GREAT, I got travelers diarrhea aka Montezuma’s revenge as I recall from 2nd year of medical school! Thankfully I have some prophylactic azithromycin that I took on the onset but I am still very uncomfortable. I know this may be TMI, but hey, most of you are health care professionals, you get it!

Yesterday I rode a tap tap (an open taxi where multiple people pile in to get around) to the supermarket and bought some groceries. Lugging all of it back up the hill with Madleine was no fun but still a great experience! Last night, I threw a party for Lolo’s (the driver) 62nd birthday! He was not present but hey is that a requirement? I taught my new friends how to make microwave popcorn (THEY HAD NEVER DONE IT BEFORE!) and we ate haitian creme (ice cream), drank wine and prestige all night, all in the name of Lolo! (haha all I need is a reason to have a celebration). At the supermarket, I bought him a cake and insisted we sing and eat it for breakfast this morning before he dropped me off to work! I don’t think they can handle me here!

This morning since I am so ill and running to the bathroom q 20 mins, I am going to go home a little early. ( I don’t know that that is a much better option since the toilets dont really work but I will figure it out). To my pleasant suprise, I had a visit from a friend from back home today, Miss Cooper, one of the postpartum nurses from back home! She’s been reading the blog and is here visiting family for a few days and stopped by the hospital this morning to give me some chocolates and say hello! Wish I wasn’t feeling so crappy so we could’ve grabbed lunch and chatted more. Thank you Miss Cooper, I’ll see next month at home. SBUH ❤

Miss Cooper, postpartum nurse from SBUH who is in Haiti for a few days and came to visit! Thank you for the chocolate and the support Miss Cooper.