I feel like this has been a recurring theme since I arrived here. Today I found out that my consult from last week, the 11 year old with vaginitis passed away this morning. She had a brain mass and hemiparalysis and suffered from a brain herniation this morning before being able to be transferred out for neurosurgical intervention. My heart is so broken for her mother who continues to walk around the hospital in the dress her daughter last wore. Everywhere I look I feel like there is death. A patient we’ve been following with pre-eclampsia with severe features had an IOL at 34 weeks and also suffered from a neonatal death. Chart after chart, I read of neonatal deaths during my research. I’m drained.

Thankfully, amongst all the despair, my dearest friends back home gave birth to their new healthy baby girl!! Congratulations Tom and Jenny. My heart is filled with happiness for you both and I cannot wait to meet her.