The number of mosquito bites I have right now, but lets get down to business. Today was a day dedicated to research. More dossiers. I have gotten through 100 charts which is great! I am getting so much faster and having a lot fewer questions. I went through about 30 charts today and only had 2 questions for Madame Phillippo.

I spent the day with the ladies down in archives, they are so distracting they invited me out to Jacmel on May 1, apparently a national holiday in Haiti where no one goes to work. I asked if I could get the key to the archives so I can come in and read charts instead! In any case, I told them I would think about it. Then there is the constant plume struggle. I think my pen gets “borrowed” about 50 times a day!! Sheesh, you would think if you worked in medical records you’d bring a pen to work!

Afterwards I went to newborn nursery to visit a baby we delivered. The mom left the infant on the bed and eloped. He is the cutest, sweetest, little boy. I went down there to talk to him and hold him. Thankfully there is a long list of people interested in adopting him so he should find a home. I hope it is a good one.

Next I ate lunch in the restaurant in the cafeteria. I had bannane peze, poulet frites, pickliz, and couronne. All this and tip cost me 200 gourdes. That is a little more than 3 US dollars. It is insane. I also dined with a little chicken (see photo).