Today was a great day. I powered through a lot of charts and finally got to ask them to pull some more for me because I finished what I started with!

This afternoon, Madame phillippo greatly wanted to begin the in service for the new electronic fetal monitoring machine. We went through all the accessories and I taught her how the use it. She was blown away by the fact that you can have both maternal and fetal heart rates show up on the strip at the same time. She was also blown away that you can get the pulse, FHR, Toco, Spo2, and BP all at the same time- things we take for granted. We have dozens of these machines at home. Now they have one. I’m happy I was able to see the looks on everyone’s face during the explanation though. It was priceless.

After the in service I went to lunch with Sasha where she and other residents who rotate at St. Damien stay- Villa Francesca. While there I got some great news, I got my first fellowship interview invitation :D!!! YEYYY. All the ladies in the archives department were very excited for me, one gave me a mango :). Accepting this invite was mission impossible from Haiti but it all worked out!

When I came home the Franklins were equally as excited about my “bonne nouvelle,” but all I could hear was “BAAAAAAAA” coming from the back of the house. It was a goat! (cabrit in creole). I named him Baaa. Madame Franklin says he’s for dinner tomorrow 😭.

Sigh, a girls gotta eat.