I had one of the best weekends of my life. I explored Haiti with mom, auntie carine, and new friends – Endrick, Pierrot, Pascale, Valerie, and Josay. First beginning on Saturday we took a 6 hour ride to Jacmel. Driving in Haiti is BANANAS. I have seen 2 street lights since I have been here, there are no stop signs. It is a complete free for all and I am suprised I have not seen more accidents on the side of the road. In any case, once we escaped the city madness and traffic, it was the most beautiful scene I have ever seen and pictures cannot do it justice (feel free to peruse below). We rode all the way up the mountains of Haiti to the beach at Jacmel, Raymond Limbe. The water was so beautiful and perfectly clear. We ate lunch there- fish and conch that was freshly caught from the sea- and then went to Petit Goave. This is my favorite city thus far. It is very quaint and homey. It wasn’t as populous as Port-Au-Prince and Tabarre. It was quiet. We stopped by a hospital and looked around and then toured a nearby hotel. These types of establishments are very different in Haiti, but beautiful in their own respect. Due to the distance traveled, we got home very, very late. I stayed up telling my friends at the house back in Tabarre all about my adventures and show them photos.

Today we went to Furcy. Another ride up a beautiful mountain on an unpaved, rocky, narrow, road. Furcy was absolutely amazing, we ate and drank at Ranch Le Montcel, a restaurant on a balcony. We then toured the 13 acres of land. There were animals, fruits, vegetables, and cabins there. They are completely self sustained given there is no easy access to markets or a city (I.e the several hour ride up the side of a mountain on a road made of rocks). It was about 50 degrees up on the montain which was a nice break from the 95 degree weather in Tabarre. My new friends are great, they are young and similar in age with me so I am hoping to get to explore Haiti more over the next few weeks with them!