So much to talk about today guys, long post with lots of pictures comin’ at ya!!

First off, I was attacked twice in the last 24 hrs — first was by a cat sized roach that was in my room, next was by a dog that tried to bite me. They were both close calls but I got out unscathed thanks to my stealth. Fear not friends I am OK.

Secondly, in petty news, remember the new hairdo? Yeahhh old habits die hard. I’m back to my old hairstyle thanks to the 95 degree weather and the discomfort with the braids. It was mission impossible rushing to blow dry and straighten it as soon as the power came back on but the deed was completed and I and a much happier camper.

Third, today was my second day and I must say the nurses are amazing here. When I first started residency, my mom today me, “Always be nice to the nurses and they will take care of you.” Well this is even more true here. They are my go to people and are so incredibly invested in my project and what I am trying to accomplish. They know everything about all the patients and are so incredibly resourceful. I attended rounds this morning which was amazing and also challenging mostly because of the language barrier. I tried to keep up and follow but some words are just completely new to me. In any case I’m sure it will get easier. It was fascinating to see the difference in patient management and constantly being asked , “what would you do?” Its also interesting to see what diseases they’re managing here– things I’ve never had to really tackled like severely malnourished patients (nausea vomiting of pregnancy does not even compare) or parasites. I’m excited to go back tomorrow.

Next, I went to the archives to begin sifting through charts, this will be a momentous task. It doesn’t seem like there is any organization to the records so I’m interested to see how we tackle this aspect of my agenda. I’m confident it will all work out though 👍🏾.

Next Dr. Maxis and I went to petionville to have lunch (pictures attached). It was nice to leave tabarre and see somewhere else. Then we went shopping on the streets of petionville which is HUGE. There are a lot of pickpocketers and it can be dangerous, thankfully we had two phenomenal drivers to ensure we weren’t taken advantage of and negotiate all prices. (I even got a free bracelet). Dr. Maxis was pretty good too, she got us free magnets. In any case I got gifts for my 19 sisters at home (fear not my queens).

To end this post I want to mention my new friends. Madame and monsieur Franklin who I sit on the porch and have long conversations about life, love, and the future. I am so thankful they have welcomed me into their home so seamlessly. Next magdelene and rose. They are the hands around the house and they keep everything running. Rose cooks the most amazing meals and has everything prepared for my breakfast and lunch before I even come downstairs in the morning . She also saved me from the dog that was going to eat me for breakfast. Magdelene is an angel , she’s tough but I can tell she’s a softie. She’s funny and very kind. She helped me take out my braids, then washed my hair in the sink since there was no power. She then rushed in when the power came on at 10 pm to help blow dry and straighten my hair “tout suite!”. She saved me from the griot fed roach (without laughing too hard at me) and even adds minutes to my Haiti phone for me because she knows I don’t know how. On my first day I was very nervous and she stopped what she was doing to give me a pep talk and tell me to just be myself. No truer words were ever spoken. Dina and Thomas (who says he loves me but apparently has a girlfriend in Florida- men are so fickle even at the age of 10!) thank you for keeping me constantly entertained. Every morning before my alarm even goes off I have gotten at least 5 knocks on the door from my friends- asking how I slept, if I need anything, what time I am going to do my hair, or just to show me their outfits before school because they know I find it A D O R A B L E! And Dr. Maxis, I can’t thank you enough for all of your guidance, advice, and literally walking me through my first few days here. You’re the best XOXO.

A demain mes amis!