Today was my first day at St. Damien Hospital. I met the doctors, midwives, anesthesiologists, and nurses I will be working with over the next 5 weeks and ironed out my clinical and research responsibilities. We’ll see how this all works out in practice but it seems like I will be able to help out a little bit everywhere. St. Damien Hospital is a pediatric Hospital in Tabarre that also works as a referral Hospital for women with high risk pregnancies. They have very strict rules as to the women they admit here as there is no room for the routine laboring patients, instead they save these resources for the women and infants who really need it. We had a tour of the maternity ward which seems pretty similar to the L&D at stony brook and other Hospitals in the US- antepartum, postpartum, labor, and a delivery suite. There’s also a triage because that is inescapable no matter what the country. So patients get triaged. If they have a high risk pregnancy issue they manage it and try to give the fetus as much time as possible until delivery (I.e antepartum). There is a laboring suite where women stay until they are 8-9 cm and then the delivery room is for women right before they deliver. There are 6 beds on postpartum, 4 to labor, about 4 to deliver (rough estimates in working off my memory!). There are 2 ORs and a recovery area as well. Women stay for 24 hrs after a routine vaginal delivery (our patients back home would never agree to that!) and there is one nurse for the entire postpartum. Unfortunately today was a sad day as one of the obstetricians Dr. Lemaire is moving to the US and the staff will greatly miss him. It was very emotional and you can tell how much of an imprint he is leaving behind at St. Damien. Tomorrow is a day to start looking through the chart archives to begin collecting data and getting comfortable with doing so!

&there is no power again so this is my current situation 😉