I MADE IT! Survived the toussaint l’ourverture airport and all the drama associated with entering the country of Haiti (I’m already dreading what will take place going back 😭) ! So thankful Dr. Maxis was here to help me navigate the system, she’s been the real MVP. Β I’ve made it to my home for the next five weeks and got all settled. Along the way I made 2 new friends, Dina and Thomas, they’re two very intelligent 10 year olds and really sweet. I promised them I would give them a shout out on my website so here it is! (Explaining what a website is was particularly difficult for me in creole) They helped me unpack which entailed lifting every item out of my suitcase and asking, “what is this?” Explaining tampons was particularly interesting. They gave me a full tour of the grounds about 3 times (mostly because I still keep gettint lost) and are helping me with my creole while I teach them English! So basically that took form in me having to read an entire children’s book in creole and them learning the words couch, butterfly, and window. -_- I’m clearly more invested in this language emersion, but they say my creole is very good and I’ll be a pro in a week. The Franklin’s are great and everyone is very nice and accodating to my western self. I feel like I am at home. The no access to anything is tough but I’ve painted my nails (twice), played with my hair, and studied. So I guess I found ways to keep busy!

Tomorrow is my first day of work! WISH ME LUCK!!